Established in 1924

The British Hanovia Quartz Lamp Co Ltd is founded in Slough, holding various patents and manufacturing rights across the British Empire


The new low pressure WS 200 Series is introduced


Riverside Leisure Centre in Exeter is the first in the UK to install UV for swimming pool water treatment (supplied by Hanovia)


The company’s technical expertise is recognised with a Queen’s Award for Innovation for the SuperTOC, a UV system for removing contaminants from ultrapure water used in electronics manufacturing


The company opens a sales and service office in Shanghai, China


Hanovia wins the Ringier ‘Technology Innovation Award’ for the beverage market in China. The company subsequently wins the award again in 2012 and 2013.


PureLine, PharmaLine and SwimLine are launched to support specific market requirements in the beverage, pharmaceutical and leisure industries respectively


Hanovia’s UV Application Centre is opened in Shanghai, China, enhancing the research and development of UV science by working with industrial partners to better understand UV applications and to deliver optimised UV technology


The newly revamped PharmaLine Dechlorination (DC) range is launched for the pharmaceutical market, using an optimum dose to deliver industry-leading efficiency in the removal of chloramines


Hanovia extends its operations overseas, appointing distributors in Australia, India and New Zealand


Hanovia is the first company to gain approval for its dose control technology from the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)


Hanovia launches the Photon medium pressure UV system with dose monitoring, providing real-time performance information


The AF3 low pressure, amalgam UV system is launched for industrial applications such as pharmaceutical and beverage production. With a unique L-shaped UV chamber, it was designed using state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, ensuring optimised water treatment


Hanovia relocates to new, larger premises in Slough, giving the company scope to significantly increase production


The company partners with Wartsila to produce a UV treatment system to prevent invasive species being transported in the ballast water of ships


The award-winning, 3rd party accredited PQ (Performance Qualified) range for the beverage and pharmaceutical markets is launched, providing an optimum level of bio-security


The UV Energy Optimised (UVEO) product platform is launched with the PureLine UVEO and SwimLine UVEO, which can tackle various flow rates with a single medium pressure UV lamp. UVEO systems provide energy savings of up to 60% compared with conventional UV systems



Today – 80% of Hanovia’s business is export, with 20% of turnover from China

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