UVCare aftersales support has been designed to provide global coverage of the ultraviolet system support for industrial customers of Hanovia and Aquionics. The three-tier hierarchical structure provides your business with a regional support network certified and dedicated to ensuring that your UV system is properly maintained and your process remains secure, with Hanovia personnel located at regional hubs providing further cover as needed.

What we offer as a service:

Safety & Environmental

The safety of customers operating our products and the protection of the environment are important to Hanovia. Our products conform to all relevant safety and industry-specific regulations (such as CE, UL and NSF marking), and are designed to be safe to install, operate and maintain.

It is important to follow all safety instructions, warnings, and environmental advice contained in the User Manual for your system. If you have any doubts about installation, operation or disposal of Hanovia systems or components, or you need further advice, please contact either Hanovia directly or your local Hanovia Distributor via the contact details shown on this page. Click here

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