Application optimised UV
  • Food & Beverage

    Hanovia UV systems provide non-chemical disinfection for process and product waters and sugar syrups in the following food and beverage applications:

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

    Water plays a major part in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing and its quality is regulated by governing bodies such as the US FDA under strict guidelines including cGMP. Whether you are generating purified water or WFI for use in product preparation or CIP, UV is a key component of your treatment process to guarantee biosecurity, enhance the control of water quality and minimise risk to the final products. Key applications for which Hanovia UV systems can provide biosecurity include:

  • Pools & Leisure

    Ultra-violet water treatment has been used in the leisure industry for more than 30 years for optimised positive bather experience and, more importantly, enhanced bather safety and security. As a complementary technology to chlorine dosing, UV provides continuous enhanced chemical and bacterial control with simple operation and maintenance for the following applications:

  • Other Industry

    Hanovia has installed many UV systems across the world into applications requiring enhanced water treatment to prevent contamination. As UV is effective against all known microorganisms and is an effective non-chemical solution, there are other industries where Hanovia can help you:

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