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Our UV Products

An Optimised
UV System

Potable or Process
Water disinfection –
3rd Party Validated
Qualified (PQ)'
Potable or Process
water disinfection
Wastewater disinfection Water Re-Use Dechlorination / Dechloramination Deozonation Sugar Syrup Disinfection
PRODUCT RANGES PharmaLine PQ PharmaLine D - - PharmaLine DC PharmaLine DO -
- SwimLine
SwimLine UVEO
- - SwimLine
SwimLine UVEO
- -
PureLine PQ PureLine D
PureLine UVEO
- - PureLine DC PureLine DO PureLine S
- Marine
Fish Farms
Building Services
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Product Technology

What's New?


PureLine PQ : 3rd party validated UV for the food & beverage industry

  • Ultimate biosecurity protecting your process
  • 2.5 – 700m3/hour treatment capacity for 4 log organism reduction (e.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus) with a single system
  • Sanitary design with FDA compliant materials
  • Intelligent controller interface with real-time validated dose display and optimised performance based on actual process conditions (flow, UVT)

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PureLine UVEO : Ultra-Violet Energy Optimised

  • Designed and optimised for specific applications maximizing performance
  • Target markets: Leisure, Food & Beverage
  • Single lamp technology delivering high treatment capacity (4 log cryptosporidium reduction at 600m3/hour flow rate)
  • 30 – 100% Step-less power control provides enhanced operation flexibility
  • UVGuard and UV Shield unique safety features ensures maximum operator protection

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PureLine DC : Dechlorination for the food and beverage industry

  • The world’s 1st optimised UV system for dechlorination, developed from 3 years of Application research
  • Replaces Activated Carbon and Sodium meta-bisulphite dosing
  • Effective chlorine / chlorine dioxide destruction AND strong disinfection
  • Zero water wastage and minimal maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • Small Footprint

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Who We Are

We protect the world's critical resources from harmful contamination. We aim to replace less sustainable chemical, thermal and filtration based technologies with ‘Application Optimised Ultraviolet (UV) light technology’, driven by unrivalled customer care.

Customer drivers are at the heart of everything we do:

  • Proven security
  • Mastering our customers’ application
  • Improved UV lamp technology
  • UVCare – Life time support
Company overview:
  • Headquarters in Slough, UK
  • UV Lamp and System manufacturing
  • Target markets in food & beverage, swimming pools, pharmaceuticals, marine and municipal sectors
  • Offices in USA, Netherlands, Germany, China and Singapore
  • Aquionics brand covers Americas
  • Part of Halma plc



John Ryan, Managing Director

John Ryan Managing Director

Some time ago we coined the phrase “UV Care” to provide us with a rallying call that would focus us on supporting our customers at all stages of their UV journey. “UV Care” has now become so embedded in our culture that it is central to everything we do.

  • Our design philosophy which focusses on “Application Optimised UV” rather than general purpose UV.
  • Consultative support during your purchase which delivers targeted solutions for your process.
  • Manufacturing which puts quality first.
  • Documentation that truly adds value.
  • And above all a life-long relationship which maximises your up time by supporting your operation through remote, digitally enabled technical support and trained service technicians wherever you may be.

We recognise that your water process is central to your productivity and your UV is critical to your customer and brand security so we are making “UV Care” our life’s work so we never let you down.

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