Photon PSP for Swimming Pools

The Hanovia Photon PSP range of UV water treatment systems has been specially developed for use in swimming pools, water parks, and other aquatic leisure facilities.

With over 2,000 systems installed around the World, Hanovia PSP systems are the first choice for many leading pool consultants and constructors. The PSP’s reliability, and ease of maintenance also makes them popular with pool managers and maintenance staff.

Hanovia PSP UV systems effectively destroy chloramines – the chemicals that develop in all swimming pools that cause unpleasant “chlorine” smells, red eyes, skin irritation and can even cause damage to the steel structures of the pool building. This makes your pool water clearer, cleaner, and more comfortable for your bathers. In addition, you have the opportunity to reduce the chlorine levels in your pool and thus reduce running costs.

As with all Hanovia systems, Hanovia’s UVLux lamps come as standard. UVLux lamps for Photon PMD are manufactured in Hanovia’s own unique Arc Tube Manufacturing Unit, and are perfectly matched the PMD system to ensure optimum performance.  The polychromatic spectral output of the Photon arc tubes makes them ideal for swimming-pool applications. The chloramine breakdown and organism DNA’s response curves match exactly the Hanovia lamp broad spectral output.

  • Swimming Pools
  • Splash pads
  • Spas
  • Aqua Parks
  • Takes the unpleasant ‘chlorine’ smell and red eyes away
  • Kills chlorine immune bacteria such as cryptosporidium
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Reduces the chemical demand
  • Best UV solution thanks to the polychromatic UV output specifically targeting chloramines and organism DNA
  • Treatment is effectively monitored
  • Low running costs (UV system investment paid back within a year)
  • Modular connections to reduce installation costs
  • CE
  • UL
  • NSF
  • SIFF
  • French Ministry of Health (for dechloramination application)