Photon PMD

The Hanovia Photon PMD range is the World’s leading medium-pressure UV germicidal water treatment system. With thousands of system installed world-wide Photon PMD has a proven track record as a robust, reliable, and easy-to-own UV water treatment system.

From flow rates of under 10m3/hr to over 1,000 m3/hr Photon PMD is the ideal choice for process-critical applications in process industries such as food, beverage, brewing, and pharmaceutical, and also aquaculture.

The UV treatment chamber is designed to ensure optimal reaction between the liquid to be treated and the high UVC output lamps. Hanovia offers a modular design on the inlet and outlet connections of the treatment chamber to suit your requirements, hence reducing your connection costs.

The Photon control is an interactive micro-processor controlled system for optimum ease of operation and traceability. It features a menu driven system software with membrane switches for selective display of parameters and adjustment of set points. The UV intensity monitor responds specifically to the UVC output of Hanovia lamps.

As with all Hanovia systems, Hanovia’s UVLux lamps come as standard. UVLux lamps for Photon PMD are manufactured in Hanovia’s own unique Arc Tube Manufacturing Unit, and are perfectly matched the PMD system to ensure optimum performance.

  • Broad spectral output ensures the most efficient protection against all organisms
  • Modular inlet/outlet positions and sizes to match your requirements and reduce your connection costs
  • Treatment is effectively monitored and fully automatic
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Very low pressure loss
  • Biodosimetric tested units available (Independent validation offering extra peace of mind)
  • CE, UL
  • NSF
  • SIFF
  • O-Norm (on selected units)