SwimLine U/S/IL, solutions for every pool

Hanovia SwimLine was designed to be Hanovia’s ultimate water treatment system for pools. So, it offers a range of modules that are perfect for every size of pool, and every kind of plant room layout – making Hanovia SwimLine a powerful, flexible way to get the latest technology. From Axial and In-line to U-shaped chambers, Hanovia SwimLine gives you the very best.

Our engineers used the latest computational fluid dynamics technology to model the perfect flows through each component. Rigorous testing ensures high performance and reliability. Automatic wipers make maintenance easier and simpler. And hi-tech sensors and computer interfaces give you unprecedented control over your new set-up.

Re-engineered control programs mean smarter systems. Built-in alarms warn
of low UV, power failures or other changes. Smart systems give helpful options. Controls are menu-driven, intuitive and simple. And, you can even operate the systems remotely.

Combined with our international certification, and meeting or exceeding quality standards, Hanovia SwimLine UV gives you more.

Hanovia UV SwimLine product range