PureLine Performance Qualified (PQ)

Designed specifically to provide validated, performance qualified and chemical-free UV treatment of water in the food and beverage industries, Hanovia’s new PureLine PQ UV system takes disinfection to another level.


Not only has the PureLine PQ been designed to exacting industry standards using the latest design techniques to maximise performance, its disinfection performance has also been independently tested and validated by Carollo Engineers in the USA to the 2006 USEPA protocol following the UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM) guidelines. It is approved to most international standards and material certificates are available for all the FDA-compliant wetted parts.

Product features and benefits:
  • Revolutionary optimised, absolute intensity UV monitor – Located within the chamber, it allows the controller to automatically correct the dose calculation as UV transmittance varies without the need for an external UV transmittance monitor.
  • Factory-calibrated dry UV sensor – provides absolute UV intensity monitoring in real-time and, because it remains outside the water flow, it can be removed and inspected without interrupting the process. The dry monitor also allows for field verification using a portable reference UV sensor. Its patented shutter port means there is no risk of UV exposure and no need for the operator to wear safety equipment while performing the field verification.
  • Smart controls – Ensure continuous monitoring and real-time display of the verified RED (Reduction Equivalent Dose) and allow three levels of password-protected security and provide Modbus output to SCADA systems, allowing event logging. In addition, the controller has an on-board message display panel and many other safety and alarm features.
  • High efficiency, long life amalgam lamps – Hanovia uses the latest generation of amalgam lamps, all of which use the latest electronic ballast, ensuring extended lamp life (typically in excess of 10,000 hours).
  • Easy Installation – The PureLine PQ UV systems fit into existing pipework and vessels relatively easily, requiring minimum disruption and site preparation. Once installed, the production plant can be kept operational 24 hours a day, without the necessity of shutting down the plant during routine lamp change. When a lamp needs to be changed is it a simple procedure that can usually be done by on-site personnel with no specialist training.