The next level of Pharma disinfection – guaranteed by Hanovia

PharmaLine PQ – disinfection has evolved, and we can prove it

Designed by Hanovia – world leaders in UV technology – using the most advanced CFD computing. Tested to the limit. Validated and Performance Qualified – it’s no wonder PharmaLine PQ is guaranteed to give you the ultimate process security.

This is Pharma process water disinfection taken to the next level: in fact, our most rigorously developed and tested products ever created for Pharma. And because PQ means ‘Performance Qualified’, you don’t have to take our word for it.

We meet the standards that the best demand. Standards enforced/applied by external experts determined to ensure Pharma enjoys the most reliable, effective, complete disinfection. So, if they say you can rely on us, you really can be sure of total peace of mind.
PharmaLine PQ product, PQ logo and dry sensor

Unique UV sensor with transmittance compensation

With Hanovia, rigorous quality comes as standard. But Hanovia has always believed in developing newer, better solutions. PharmaLine PQ is no exception.

The system provides accurate dose delivery, without the need for an external UV transmittance input. Performance qualified to deliver the disinfection security you need – guaranteed.

Patented Dry UV sensor housing

The factory-calibrated dry UV sensor is simply a cut above. It provides absolute UV intensity monitoring in real-time, and because it remains outside the water flow it can be removed and inspected without interrupting your processes. The patented design allows verification using a portable reference UV sensor with no risk of harmful UV exposure or need to wear safety equipment.

Performance Qualified by independent experts

In Pharma safety comes first. That’s why PharmaLine PQ provides complete peace of mind.

  • Hanovia Systems certificates and testing records.
  • Material certificates for all wetted parts (FDA compliant materials).
  • Company certificates.
  • Statement from Carollo Engineers covering performance validation.
  • Designed and manufactured with consideration to ASME bpe and cGMP requirements.
  • Approved to international standards including UL, NSF61 and IEC.
  • Certification of lamp output.