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Total Organic Carbons (TOC) Reduction system: UV systems for TOC reduction in Pharmaceutical process water

Ultrapure waters required for use in pharmaceutical and health care markets require very low levels of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), which can have a damaging effect in the end products.

the Hanovia PharmaLine DT

Many feed waters, whether derived from municipal supplies, ground waters, boreholes, or rivers and lakes will have relatively high levels of TOC that will require several stages of treatment to reduce to required levels.

Hanovia UV systems can us the powerful low wavelength ultraviolet light they produce, destroy TOC molecules and break them down into smaller fragments that can be mopped up with ion exchange beds, etc.

Hanovia UV systems are easy to install, very simple to maintain, and require minimal plant space.

Understanding the Power of UV Technology

The best solutions are good for everyone. So, we don’t just offer clever technology. We make a difference. For you, your clients, and consumers. Hanovia UV systems:

  • Provide chemical-free disinfection
  • TOC reduction
  • Are clean and safe, with no side effects or residue
  • Are compact and easy to install
  • Are simple and inexpensive to maintain
  • Are backed by Hanovia’s global support network

The solution pharma demands

With this much flexibility, it’s no surprise that our UV systems sterilise everything from production lines and packaging facilities to water intakes and header tanks.

  • Fully automated with failsafe mechanisms
  • Compatible with CIP procedures
  • Less capital intensive, with lower running costs than other technologies
  • Effective against all known microorganisms
  • Continuous monitoring and treatment records
  • All systems include disinfection chamber, Arc tube, Control/Power / Supply Cabinet, UV Monitor and option for Automatic Wiper /li>