PharmaLine DL

General Disinfection System: Loop process water

High efficiency and low energy UV systems for general disinfection of Pharmaceutical distribution loop process water.

the Hanovia PharmaLine DL

Don’t give microorganisms a chance…
kill them all, every time

When patients’ health depends on you, you can depend on Hanovia UV. We’ve spent over eight decades working closely with medical device suppliers, ophthalmic manufacturers, hospitals and research centers. Meeting, and exceeding, their disinfection needs.

We integrate seamlessly and easily into your existing production lines. We disinfect the water you use everywhere in your process. And, unlike some technologies, we produce no nasty wastes. It’s a simple indication of how useful, and effective, our UV systems actually are.

Sterile, safe, simple

If you’d like to provide sterility for your products, and purity for your process water, Hanovia UV is the right choice. No other technologies purify everything from raw materials through production lines to packaging – and that do it so very well.

  • Ideal for instruments, devices, implants, aids, hollowware and more
  • No residues, no taints, and completely safe for patients
  • Unlike other technologies, kills all known microorganisms
  • Has no negative impact on coatings, containers or packaging solutions
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of production lines

The solution pharma demands

With this much flexibility, it’s no surprise that our UV systems sterilise everything from production lines and packaging facilities to water intakes and header tanks.

  • Fully automated with failsafe mechanisms
  • Compatible with CIP procedures
  • Less capital intensive, with lower running costs than other technologies
  • Effective against all known microorganisms
  • Continuous monitoring and treatment records
  • All systems include disinfection chamber, Arc tube, Control / Power Supply Cabinet, UV Monitor and option for Automatic Wiper