Innovation by Partnerships

Hanovia has been pioneering in UV technology since 1924 and over the years have gained and maintained strong relationships with customers all over the world. Wartsila is a key partnership and one that has again shown Hanovia’s capability to deliver a system fit for purpose on a global level. The project required to design and build a system fit for ‘ballast water treatment’ and in line with stringent industry regulations. For more information, please contact us on or alternatively call us on 01753 515300.


Increasing environmental  pressure on shipping World-wide means an ever increasing requirement to ensure any discharges from vessels are safe from harmful pathogens and do not contain alien species that may contaminate the local marine ecosystem.

There are two areas of primary concern:

  1. Sewage discharges
  2. Ballast Water discharges

Both these areas are subject to stringent regulatory control either by international legislation such the IMO MARPOL regulations, or by national or local governmental control.

Hanovia UV systems, with their powerful, reliable and chemical free disinfection performance are helping ship owners and operators to meet these regulations.
Output from on-board sewage plant can be treated by passing through a Hanovia UV system before being discharge overboard.

For treatment of ballast water, Hanovia UV systems are used in conjunction with filtration systems to remove or destroy organisms in the water during ballasting and de-ballasting.

Advantages of Hanovia UV for marine disinfection applications are:

  • Chemical free
  • Destroys all organisms
  • Simple maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Reliable, well-proven technology.