Food & Beverage – where Bio-security is paramount

Hanovia UV systems provide non-chemical disinfection for process, product water and sugar syrups in a wide range of food and beverage applications including the following :-

    • Breweries
    • Bottled water Dairy industries
    • Meat and poultry processors
    • Processed & Pre-Packaged Food production
    • Soft drink processors & bottlers
    • Wineries

Applications using UV technology:

    • Pre-Treatment Disinfection
    • Cooling Media (Brine, Chillers, etc.)
    • Direct Contact Fluids and Ingredients
    • CIP, Bottle Rinse or Wash Waters
    • Liquid Sweeteners
    • Product water disinfection
    • And Many Others…

The Role of UV disinfection

Outbreaks of water-borne pathogens place producers at high risk of costly and damaging recalls and product liability. Hanovia has led the way in pre-treatment disinfection and treating direct contact fluids and ingredients, CIP and bottle rinse waters, liquid sweeteners, meat brine, , .

Pre-treatment Disinfection

Town water should be free from pathogens but borehole /well water may be contaminated and town water can pick up infection in the plant. UV treatment can disinfect this water ensuring product quality

Water treatment

Softeners, demineralisers and filters are frequently installed to improve the quality of the water but such equipment is know to become infected and will release pathogens into unprotected water. Installing a UV disinfection after this water treatment equipment to ensure bio security of the water   has been an accepted application for many years.

Direct Contact Water or Ingredient

Water as an ingredient in a food or coming in direct contact with food can be a source of contamination. UV can disinfect this water without chemicals or pasteurization.

CIP, Bottle Rinse or Wash Water

Even water used to clean surfaces or used in CIP operations can be a source of contamination and UV disinfection is an approved method of reducing bacteria without the use of chemicals   UV treatment ensures water quality without affecting the taste of the final product unlike chemical treatment.

Liquid Sweeteners

Sucrose based sweeteners can be a prime breeding ground for micro-organisms. UV can directly treat these sugar syrups and remove  or reduce the need for pasteurisation.

Cooling, Chiller, and Brine Disinfection

Many foods are subject to contamination after heat treatment or cooking when directly exposed to cooling water or brine. UV provides an excellent way to protect foods from this contamination with the added benefit of extending the life of cooling water or brine before it has to be discarded.

Waste Water

Process plant effluents can be treated without the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Ozone destruction:

Ozone has the same detrimental effects on beverage flavours as chlorine compounds, thus ozone must be removed from product waters. UV systems provide a safe, simple means of ozone destruction by breaking the Oxygen bonds.