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Hanovia SwimLine UV disinfection systems reduce chloramines in Wycombe Leisure Centre’s pools



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  • Hanovia SwimLine UV disinfection systems reduce chloramines in Wycombe Leisure Centre’s pools

    Wycombe Leisure Centre in Buckinghamshire is using Hanovia’s SwimLine UV disinfection technology to keep chloramines at bay in its three indoor swimming pools. This ensures effective control of these unpleasant by-products of chlorine dosing in indoor pools, which are responsible for the typical ‘chlorine smell’, red, stinging eyes and skin irritations.
    Three SwimLine systems are installed in total to support the competition pool, community pool and splash pad. The systems utilise Hanovia’s Photon single or multi-lamp medium pressure chamber and automatic wiper technology to provide robust and effective UV disinfection. The wavelength output of the SwimLine’s lamp is optimised specifically for the removal of chloramines.
    By better controlling chloramines, the UV systems also produce high quality pool water, reduce corrosion of metal structures and create a healthier environment for bathers. The systems provide effective disinfection from threats like cryptosporidium or Giardia, which are resistant to chlorine, thus giving bathers and operators safe and crystal-clear waters.
    Commenting on the Hanovia SwimLine system, Kimberley Jaggard, Operations Manager at Wycombe Leisure Centre said: “Since installing the Hanovia UV systems we have noticed a dramatic improvement in air and water quality in the centre. We have none of the unpleasant smells or irritations associated with traditional chlorination systems. Controlling chloramines has also delivered high quality pool water, stopped corrosion of metal structures and a healthier environment for bathers.”
    Jaggard added: “The performance of the UV system is impressive and it is very easy to use and maintain. In addition, we have been impressed by Hanovia’s professional after-sales service.”
    Hanovia SwimLine systems are available in a range of sizes and treatment capacities to meet different pool sizes. They are designed for easy installation into existing pipework, matching pipe velocities and turnover rates in all pools. UV lamp replacement is also quick and easy, with the system designed to allow easy access, even in small plant rooms.

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