Gives you


Optimised hydraulic chamber design

Maximum water treatment at highest efficiency

Up to 60% less power use than other systems

Single lamp

Less power use than comparative multi-lamp systems

Lower maintenance costs compared to many multi-lamp systems

Save money on lifecycle cost

UVGuard patented technology

Eyelid shutter shields you from escaping UV rays from the chamber

Allowing safe verification of UV sensor without interrupting production

Stepless Electronic Ballast

Allows lamp power to be adjusted from 100 to 30% to optimise process conditions

Saves power during production

Hanovia’s Medium Pressure Lamp Technology

Effective against all microbes including chlorine resistant Cryptosporidium & Giardia

Ensures no downstream contamination

Prolongs life of filter membrane technologies

Does not affect taste and colour of final product

Designed for the food & beverage industry

Wetted parts use food grade approved materials

H edition designed for hygienic use with high specification internal finish

Fit for purpose

Only pay for a high specification chamber if you need it

DVGW calibrated dry UV sensor

Allows accurate measurement of UV performance with ability to verify UV sensor without interrupting production

Auditable checking of UV measurement

Accurate control of the lamp power to match process conditions


  • Optimised system design to deliver 40% energy saving and effective water treatment on regular UV systems (Energy saving in overall operational lifecycle costs)
  • Optimised Medium Pressure lamp technology (Provides you with effective treatment at higher flows using one lamp and saving on lifecycle costs in maintenance)
  • Optimised Electronic Ballast Control (Allowing energy savings with variable power control)
  • UVGuard patented technology (Allowing safe testing of UV intensity made possible by the eyelid shutter design)
  • Economical Design (Easy Installation, Small footprint, Automatic Wiper)
  • Elimination of chlorine resistant microbes ‘Cryptosporidium & Giardia’ (protects downstream contamination of filters early on the water treatment process)
  • Effective Ozone removal (Provides final security of product quality before bottling)
  • Non-Chemical disinfection(maintains product consistency and flavour)