Introducing PureLine UVEO – the latest product available in the UVEO range

Hanovia’s New ‘Ultraviolet Energy Optimisation’ (UVEO) system technology has been designed and developed with industry requirements at the forefront, using 90 years of experience to deliver next generation technology for efficiency and effective water treatment today.

PureLine UVEO for the Food & Beverage industry with smart UV technology offers a 1 lamp disinfection system delivering up to 60% energy saving. Click on the video below to see how PureLine UVEO can benefit your business.

Hanovia: The power in UV technology for 90 years

As the longest serving Industrial UV water treatment company with 90 years of continuous development of UV Science and technology Hanovia is the reliable choice for UV water treatment.

Hanovia understands our customers’ requirements and delivers market-aligned, trusted UV solutions engineered to the highest standards and proven through an installed base of over 5000 systems worldwide.

With 90 years UV experience Hanovia is always ready to help and we pride ourselves on our world class technical and service support, our ‘UVCare’, which is available wherever you are around the World.

Hanovia UV provides:

Chemical-free disinfection
Ultraviolet (UV) treatment eliminates bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. Unlike chemical disinfection, Hanovia’s UV disinfection systems use powerful lamps to produce concentrated ultraviolet radiation which destroys micro-organisms. No need for chemical handling, dosing equipment or waste management.

Biosecurity for Water in every process
Hanovia’s UV technology for guaranteed disinfection, used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and leisure industries, is third party validated to the stringent US FDA, EPA and NSF50 regulations. Without UV validation, you have no guaranteed bio-security

Optimised UV lamp technology for targeted performance  
Hanovia provides UV solutions using either low or medium pressure lamp technology. Hanovia selects the right technology to match your needs whether driven by capital and operational costs, power consumption or installation space.

Destruction of chlorine protects your water treatment process
Industrial water treatment processes using multi-barrier technologies such as reverse osmosis and continuous electro-deionisation need protection from incoming chlorine dosed by the municipality. Intense UV irradiation offers a proven alternative to activated carbon and chemical dosing without the headache of bacteria proliferation, high capital and operation costs or chemical / waste handling and with the distinct advantage of water saving.